Are you tired of #FakeNewsflow? Do you prioritise #Facts over #Disinformation?  Are you ready for #PositiveChanges?

IREX Media Literacy Programme in the Baltics invites you to become a media literacy instructor, who will:

  • learn to discern disinformation easily;
  • improve his/her critical thinking skills;
  • share knowledge and new skills with others.

If you are a pupil of a secondary school or a university student and want to learn more about media literacy, you are invited to send your application!

Successful applicants will be invited to attend three online training sessions about the IREX media literacy training method – Learn to Discern. If you are interested and motivated to learn – join us and you will receive skills and materials. You will have to organise 2-3 training sessions for your friends and other pupils or students this summer.

Participation is free. Applications are accepted until 1 June 2020.

For more information and application form, click:

The Media Literacy in the Baltics Project is financed by the US State Department and implemented by the International Research & Exchanges Organisation IREX.

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