You are an active media user but interested in information literacy and willing to recognise quality journalism and discern fake news? Joint the three-days’ virtual summer school on 29 June – 1 July.

Practical seminars and theoretical lectures will be conducted by Dr.  Viktor Denisenko (Faculty of Communication, VU). Training will take place online through Microsoft Teams, one day’s training duration is 5-6 hours including breaks.

Students will be issued certificates to enrich their portfolios of non-formally acquired competences.

Training is free, while food during lunch breaks will be delivered to Your home by Wolt.

Registration will be open until 24 June 2020 or until full occupancy. Every enrolled applicant will receive a letter certifying his/her successful enrolment.

The Media Literacy in the Baltics Project is financed by the US State Department and implemented by the Faculty of Communication of VU in cooperation with the International Research & Exchanges Board IREX.

Registration form is available here:

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