Vilnius University and IREX are pleased to introduce a new autumn course for future journalists – ‘Journalism in the Age of Disinformation: Information Manipulations in Digital Era’! The course will be attended by up to 25 students of journalism, media and related specialities from the Faculty of Communication and it will be delivered by lecturers and professors-in-residence of Vilnius University.

The course includes IREX media literacy tool Learn to Discern and focuses on practical approach to the following aspects:

  • building students’ resilience to disinformation, understanding emotional weaknesses of the target audience when start working with professional mass media/channels;
  • developing skills to apply effective strategies helping the audience to build healthy and responsible habits of engagement in information and resistance to disinformation;
  • improving practical sources of information for future journalists, and improving the skills of photograph and video checking, critical thinking and analytical skills when collecting and presenting information.

JEDI course is a part of the Media Literacy in the Baltics project, implemented by the IREX and financed by the US State Department. We would like to express our gratitude to Vilnius University team for hard work of preparing the curriculum in spring and summer 2020: Martynas Petrikas, Viktoras Denisenko and Andrius Gudauskas.

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