Overview of the Programme 

During the implementation of the Media Literacy in the Baltics Programme, the IREX will grant small scholarships for Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian students to support development of innovative tools and content leading to improved media literacy in Baltic societies. Campaigns of students/applicants will raise awareness and promote spread of information about disinformation and fight against it. 

Technical requirements of compliance 

Candidates will be considered regardless of race, skin colour, religion, ethnic origin, or gender. People with disability are strongly encouraged to participate. Within the framework of the Media Literacy in the Baltics Programme, scholarships will be granted through merit-based competition.

Eligibility for competition: 

  • Students of Tallinn, Tartu, Riga Stradins, Vilnius or Vytautas Magnum University enrolled in the ‘Journalism in the Era of Disinformation: Information Manipulations in Digital Space’ (JEDI) course or equivalent course of university; or who participated in JEDI summer pilot course in one of the above-mentioned universities. 
  • Graduates of the training course of instructors of the Media Literacy in the Baltics in June, or September-November 2020.  
  • Graduates of the training courses of the Media Literacy in the Baltics conducted by the youth instructor.

Timeframe of the small scholarships programme of the Media Literacy in the Baltics: 

  • Acceptance of applications opens: 10 December 2020.  
  • Deadline for applications: 9 January 2021.  
  • Scholarship recipients are announced: 5 February 2021.  
  • Scholarship period: February – June 2021.  
  • Report deadline: 31 July 2021.  

Selection criteria

Eligible applications meeting the criteria will be examined competitively, considering the below-listed selection criteria: 

  • Strength and adequacy of the project in terms of implementation 
  • Integration of media literacy 
  • Response to the goals and needs of the programme 
  • Feasible effect and availability of the project 
  • Creativity and innovativeness of the project  
  • Clear and grounded plan 
  • Transparent and reasonable budget 
  • Sustainable impact potential at the end of the scholarship period 

For more information, click:https://irexorg.formstack.com/forms/mlbsmallgrants_lithuanian

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