On 14 April, 15:00, you are invited to the ‘Reporting directly from…’ event, where you will meet multimedia journalist, one of the founders of Nara.lt and alumna of the Faculty of Communication of VU Berta Tilmantaitė.

After travelling and working in five continents, in over 60 countries, Berta returned to Lithuania to found NARA – responsible journalism space analysing vital processes of society. Berta’s capacities of visual story telling were awarded at international competitions and festivals. With the use of free diving skills, Berta is looking for stories not only on the ground but also under water. Her stories usually are about the relationship between a human being and nature, social issues and culture. Photo and video reports by Berta were published in the National Geographic, Al Jazeera, GEO, WIRED, Geographical Magazine, Deutsche Well, Der Spiegel, and many other media all over the world. During the meeting with Berta, journalism ethics standards, fake photo threats, discovery and coverage of various stories will be discussed.

The event will be moderated by the Baltic media literacy youth instructor Lukas Eigėlis.

The month of media literacy skills in the Baltics is organised by the Media Literacy in the Baltics Programme financed by the US State Department, which is implemented by the International Research & Exchanges Organisation IREX. The event is open to everyone interested in media, photography and journalism, join and share it with friends and colleagues!

The event will be broadcasted on  IREX in the Baltics Facebook page in Lithuanian.

To receive a link to the event, register here: https://ej.uz/TownhallLietuva

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