In 2022, lecturers of the Faculty of Communication, Vilnius University will implement the partner part of the Media Literacy in the Baltics Programme financed by the US State Department.

In cooperation with the International Research & Exchanges Board IREX, the study subject ‘Journalism in the Era of Disinformation’ will be developed and integrated, seminars developing critical thinking and responsible use of media will be prepared and delivered for students and school children along other activities in the Faculty of Communication, VU. ‘Learn to Discern’ method based on the latest research will be integrated into the methodology of seminars, which emphasises not only practical application of knowledge but also spread of capacities: seminar participants will be encouraged to become ‘Learn to Discern’ instructors in their communities. The method that is easy to adapt to local cultural environment and media landscape has already been tried in the Ukraine, Serbia, Jordan, Tunisia, Indonesia, and USA. Articles about the method were published in the New York TimesWashington PostChristian Science MonitorCNNColumbia Journalism ReviewJournal of Media Literacy Education (PDF, 836 KB), NPRSlate etc.

Cooperation with IREX and implementation of applied projects, such as Media Literacy in the Baltics programme, increase internationalism of the study programmes offered in the Faculty of Communication, VU and enhance the reputation of the Faculty, as the centre of research of communication and information sciences and spread of the achievements.